Boe's Story

When we found out in October of 2009 that we were expecting our 2nd child, we were ecstatic. It had been so difficult for us to conceive our first child, Libby, and this pregnancy seemed like another prayer answered. Imagine our surprise when we learned, at 15 weeks gestation, that I was expecting TRIPLETS! We began seeing a specialist immediately, and he told us we were having 3 boys, a set of identical twins and a singleton. They were labeled A, B, and C, so we chose to name them Adler, Boe and Cameron.

I progressed through the pregnancy nicely; I had weekly appointments with my perinatologist and worked until I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was never put on bedrest but was encouraged to stop driving myself places, stop lifting my one year old daughter and to “lay low”.

On April 22, 2010 our world was forever changed. I was 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant, only 1 week and 2 days shy of my “due date”. My husband and I went in for a routine check-up and were given the devastating news that Boe’s heart had stopped beating. Boe’s identical twin, Adler, began to struggle, and all three boys had to be delivered that day. Adler and Cameron’s cries mingling with Boe’s silence was one of the most surreal and bittersweet experiences ever, but we thank God daily for blessing us with Boe’s two surviving brothers, Adler and Cameron.

Losing a child is one of the most devastating experiences one can ever imagine.  Many mommys and daddys live their lives never having their children gone too soon acknowledged.

Boe’s Blooms raises funds to provide small flower arrangements to families who have suffered a Labor and Delivery or NICU loss. We strive to honor our son’s life by providing the smallest bit of peace and compassion to families during the most dark and difficult of times.

In loving memory of Boe Holland Kinowski, April 22, 2010